First step - Introductory Session

The Creighton Model FertilityCare teaching program consists of an Introductory Session and then eight follow-up sessions over the course of a year. The group Introductory Sessions are free and anyone who is interested in learning what the system is about is invited to attend.  Individual Introductory Sessions are available at an additional cost if the group schedule does not fit your needs.

Following the Introductory Session, if the woman or couple decides that they would like to begin the program they will:

  • Pay the fee for the supplies and first follow-up session. 
  • Make an appointment for a first follow-up two weeks later.
  • Receive their preliminary instructions for charting.

Learning Schedule for Follow-Up Sessions

The follow-up sessions are where the learning of the system really happens. Women and couples receive one-on-one, customized teaching and feedback based on their own chart and use of the system.  Every woman is different.  Every couple is different.

The standard schedule includes four follow-up sessions scheduled at roughly two-week intervals, a fifth follow-up session one month later, and then three additional follow-up sessions at three-month intervals.
After the first year, follow-ups are held on an as-needed basis, approximately every 6-12 months. Once a couple has learned to use the system, they can use it for life, through any reproductive changes they will experience.


Learning to chart with the Creighton Model and fertility-awareness in general is an investment in your health and in your family.

  • Group Introductory Session: No charge
  • Individual Introductory Session:  $75
  • Program Setup Fee (Book, charting supplies and first follow-up): $105
  • Program fee for the first year:  $500 (includes setup fee)
  • Pay per session and long-term follow-up sessions: $75 
  • Charting supplies/materials: All materials are always included, as long as you remain current in the follow-up schedule.

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Chase Quick-pay, credit card, or PayPal accepted.

If available to you, Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts may be used to pay for services.
If you are in need of financial assistance or would like to discuss a payment plan, please contact me.




I found Lisa via my church bulletin when looking for a Creighton Fertility Practitioner. I had some menstural cycle issues that were concerning to me and wanted to find the underlying cause. I knew of Creighton because of talks of NFP and Fertility Awareness methods as a practicing Catholic, but I never knew how vital and life changing Lisa and Creighton would be.  Because of Lisa, I was referred to a NaPro trained physician who was able to find the underlying cause of my fertility issues. Just this past October 2017 I had my little girl Willa.  Lisa is wonderful! She is so supportive and knowledgeable. She not only helps with charting and understanding the material but she gives great recommendations to improve my health and fertility. When I was expecting, she put me in touch with a wonderful lactation consultant as well. Lisa is approachable and responds quickly to questions or concerns.  If you are looking to find answers to your fertility, are wanting to avoid pregnancy a natural way, and truly embrace your femininity, I would definitely recommend Lisa.  

Marie and Marty T.


After years of infertility, unsuccessful diagnosis of root cause and only options given to do IVF, I began doing some research on alternatives and different approaches that were more aligned with not only our beliefs but also getting to the root cause and so I found FertilityCare.  After 3 months of learning how to chart my mucous cycle, I got pregnant naturally for the first time after years of trying with BBT charting, surgery, acupuncture, clomid and IUI cycles. Sadly, we miscarried three times after but it led us to more findings and figuring out what was really the cause leading to my infertility. While it took a while to figure it all out. I think we are getting closer and we are now seeing the specialist and doing what we need to do to be successful and it does not involve IVF because this was not the solution to my problem to begin with.  Lisa is very knowledgeable in doing what she does. She is also very passionate and very understanding. She was there to talk to me when I had my miscarriages and even prayed with me when it happened. She was also very pro-active in finding all the resources that I needed to get me in touch with the right people to further investigate what was going on.  I don’t have anything negative to say about Lisa. I wish there were more doctors associated with FertilityCare in Chicago that understood this approach. This will be my only comment about making this program better. It is hard to see doctors in the area for appointments and follow-ups.  Thank you FertilityCare and Lisa for everything you continue to do for us. I know we are on the right path to being blessed with a child soon. We haven’t given up yet.  

Marisol B.


My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for many years. Lisa is the first person we have met in this process who made us feel confident in our conception plan. The doctor she referred us to is wonderful. While we haven't reached our goal of having a child yet (we are only a few months into the process), we feel more comfortable and in control than we have in years. Thank you Lisa!  

Sarah K.


"My husband & I have been working with Lisa at the Fertility Care Center for almost 5 years now. She has been a reliable guide to our family's fertility health and a relatable source of information. I highly recommend friends to her for any fertility care needs.  Her wealth of knowledge and welcoming demeanor often helps to put the fears and anxieties of fertility issues at ease."  

Ellen D.